Handmade ceramic restaurant service for restaurant, b & b, bistro, brasserie, hotel of at home made by former chef and source of inspiration Ignace with a creative and unique presentation vision for the contemporary chef.

"Chef's view" can be produced in large quantities with guaranteed catering quality, robust and strong. We create an “Art of table” for your restaurant.

The story of Chef's view starts from the love and passion of preparing inventive dishes as a Chef. Ignace was the creative Chef and owner of his gastronomic restaurant “Hof van Craynbergh” in Keerbergen for 24 years and joined Ann 2 years ago at the ceramics workshop. What started as a sidekick was quickly evaluated as the designer and creator of Chef's view for ARTISANN's ceramic handmade restaurant service.

As a chef, he has discovered a new passion in the ceramic evolution of catering tableware. In this line we want to think along with the chef and together realize a new design in the catering service for your restaurant.

Shapes are turned and cut with respect for the raw materials. The glaze is also prepared according to our own recipes and always baked to a high quality at 1250 ° C. Coincidences and imperfections are characteristic of the manual process and give the restaurant collection an individuality and exclusivity.

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