An exclusive vase decorates your table

An exclusive vase decorates your table

A beautiful colorful flower in a handmade unique vase ... is so beautiful. This gives the right cosiness and feeling to your interior. This gives a creative, stylish interior with which you can shine.

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A handmade vase will definitely color your interior with a personal touch.

We can make the vases in our ceramic workshop in many colors, structures, sizes and shapes. You can order this in our ceramics studio Artisann in Knokke. Count on at least one month of production time. "Handmade" takes time.

The vases are all unique.

he artisanal process from clay to vase is a time-consuming evolution of many different actions. All ceramic or porcelain vases are first biscuit baked at 950 °, then worked with a beautiful layer of glaze, whether or not painted by hand, and secondly baked in a glaze oven at 1250 °.

All our vases also carry the HIB label, which means "Handmade in Belgium" and we are proud of that.