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Lieve Slachmuylders

Was professionally busy with the design and development of clothing and accessories. Has a preference for the simple, the sober and the stylish in life. Enjoy the small beautiful things. The poppy is a special source of inspiration in many works.


  • Born in Hombeek (near Mechelen) on July 27, 1957
  • Drawing School in Bonheiden
  • Model drawing in Rumst
  • Model drawing at the Hageland Academy of Visual Arts in Aarschot
  • Painting on canvas with oil paint and watercolor by Daniel Van der Smiss
  • Training after 2011: then came the passion for ceramics
  • Workshop ceramics at Myriam Thas, Tinneke Van Gils, Rudie Delanghe, Anima Roos
  • Ceramics at the Hageland academy for visual arts in Rillaar.