Katja Van Breedam

My work arises in a game in between

emotion, coincidence and intuition designed.

With passion,


and designed with love

As a ceramist, I design both functional and artistic creations, although the boundary between them sometimes fades. My functional work consists on the one hand of handmade creations and on the other hand of industrially executed works.

Under "K! Design by Katja Van Breedam" I design the handmade collection based on my own needs. While my earlier method was based on liquid porcelain castings (bone china), a slower technique is now central, which requires little tooling and good technical skill. The basis consists of porcelain sausages, which are squeezed in different directions and thus create all kinds of characters. Either up (pinching) which gives the creation a vibrating appearance through the lightly visible fingerprints, or sausages on display (coiling) in which work traces are clearly present. This process hardly allows corrections and therefore radiates fragility. A technique that is constantly in motion, but comes to a halt in the creation itself. The fingerprints and work tracks give every creation a soul. It shows transparency, honesty and imperfections, which make the result unique. But this evolution in working methods does not exclude designing with bone china. On the contrary, it still remains an important part of my current story. It is a game between emotion, chance and intuition, based on the language of porcelain to touch everyone.

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