The passion and creativity as a cook presented on a unique ceramic handmade plate

The “Chef's view” is a line of ceramic handmade plates specially designed by Chef Ignace for his fellow chefs with a vision for presentation and combination. Your restaurant, brasserie, bistro, catering business....

With handmade ceramic plates from artisann you give your restaurant, bistro, brasserie, hotel, b & b an original, exclusive touch. The plates are perfect for both classic, everyday dishes and more refined creations. They ensure that your dishes stand out even more.

The “chef's view” ceramic plates are handmade. Each plate is different and has its imperfection, which makes it so unique and exclusive. The art is to combine different ceramic plates into one whole. We make special finger food and tapas plates, starter and main dish plates, fish and meat plates, dessert plates in a new style and adapted color. Slightly bigger or smaller? No problem, we are happy to make your sizes, shapes and colors to your taste. We also want to grow together towards a new design for suggestions.


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